Sudan Diabetes Federation Activities(2018)

1-National Children Diabetes camp:

The camp aims at raising awareness among the diabetic children about diabetes, through gathering diabetic children from all over Sudan.

The camp is a comperhensive program which includes scietific worhshops about the different aspects of diabetes such as nutrition, insulin and others, in addition to "my diabetes experience" program, which is form of support groups through which the children will be able to express themselves. The camp will also include entertaining activities and tours inside and outside the camp and other activities.

2-Women  and Diabetes(Women prison):

Health education program to prisoners in the women prison in Khartoum.

3-Health campaign:

Free medical services offered to diabetic patients in addition to diabetes health education, in collaboration with Sudanese Turkish Association.

4-Diabetes Retinal screening workshop:

Retinal screeinig workshop of Opthalmologist and Optometrist organized at Abdallah Khalil Diabetes Centre.

5-Diabetes Academy for Medical Register:

Traning program of residents doctors.

6-Diabetes Academy for Family Physician:

Traning program of residents doctors.

7-Diabetes and Haj Campaign:

Health education for Sudanese Diabetic pilgrims(Haj) people with free health services.

8-Sight World Day and Diabetes:

Organized in Badr Allkobra opthalmic and diabetic services for patients and screening for diabetes in diabetic patients.

 9-Sudan International Diabetes Conference:

Held in Sudan,Khartoum.

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