Sudan Childhood Diabetes Association (SCDA)


Sudanese Childhood Diabetes Association


            Is a registered independent voluntary association founded in 2003 which has been privileged with material and moral support from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) .

             Diabetes in children results from the combination of genetic, environmental, and other factors (such as viruses), which lead to a lack of the production of the hormone insulin from the pancreas. This is called type 1 diabetes which is the commonest cause of childhood onset diabetes.

               Type 1 diabetes is distinct from the adult onset diabetes which can be treated without insulin (e.g. with life style modification and/or tablets), whilst for children, there is no substitute for insulin to avoid the complications. The commonest cause of adult onset diabetes is type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes may present in childhood particularily if associated with obesity.

Why established?

Diabetes significantly impacts upon the lives of children in many aspects. Dealing with the symptoms of very high and very low blood sugars (often results in hospitalization), the inconvenience experienced with taking insulin,  and dealing with the required life style adjustment (e.g. nutrition and activities), underlines the vulnerability of children with diabetes.

Having a child with diabetes also significantly impacts upon their families. They face the anxiety and fear of the complications of the disease, as well as the financial burden of the treatment and the cost of recurrent hospitalization.

In this sense, the Sudanese Childhood Diabetes Associationwas founded as an independent voluntary organisation incorporating multidisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists and social services, in addition to the children’s families. The association has a board of trustees and has been registered with the Humanitarian Aid Commission in January 2016.

The objectives:

  • To provide a complete service for diabetic children including medical care, education and social support.
  • To establish a center that provides an integrated treatment service for children with diabetes.
  • To promote research in the field of diabetes in children.
  • To actively participate in relevant social, cultural and scientific events nationally and internationally.
  • To regularly organize seminars, lectures, conferences and exhibitions, as well as producing educational materials
  • To develop and improve services in all hospitals and centers caring for children with diabetes
  • To establish multidisciplinary clinics involving doctors, social carers, diabetes educators and dieticians.
  • To participate in dedicated camps for children with diabetes, nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • To establish diabetes in childhood centers in other Sudanese states.
  • To establish connections and collaborations with related associations nationally, regionally and internationally.


To date, the association has achieved the following:

·       Establishment of Sudan Childhood Diabetes Center, a multidisciplinary center .

 ·       Providing free insulin in collaboration with Khartoum State Ministry of health.

·       Providing free blood glucose meters and strips to the less privileged children.

·       Opened dedicated charity bank account to support poor families.

·       Organized training courses and seminars for doctors, diabetes educators and dieticians, and provided educational books and leaflets.

·       Established health education programs in schools.

·       Development of treatment protocols in collaboration with the National Diabetes Program.

·       Undertaken research projects in the field of diabetes.

·       Actively participated in national, regional and international conferences.

·       Membership of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes and the International Diabetes Federation.

·       Implementation of the Sudan Childhood Diabetes Program in collaboration with the World Diabetes Foundation, which aims to establish children diabetes clinics, as well as educational programs in the schools throughout Sudan.

·       Commenced construction works of the Sudan Childhood Diabetes Centre near Jaber Abu El Ezz diabetes center.

·       Participated in children with diabetes camps in Qatar and Tunisia.

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