Sudan Diabetes Federation

The Sudan Diabetes Federation is an alliance of national civil societies active in the field of diabetes. It is represented by

  • Sudan Diabetes Association
  • Sudan Childhood Diabetes Association
  • Diabetes Programs Promotion Organization
  • Diabetes Care Organization


To encourage and educate the community to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes in Sudan.


The mission of Sudan Diabetes Federation is to promote information on diabetes, its prevention treatment and complications and to influence the development and organization of health systems in Sudan.


  • Promote Awareness raising activities on Diabetes Prevention and Cure
  • Capacity Building of Health Care Providers in the field of Diabetes
  • Support of Health Care Facilities in Sudan


  • Create awareness about diabetes by disseminating publications and conducting campaigns to support education
  • Improvement of standards of prevention and treatment of diabetes and establishment of standards relating to the measurement of diabetes indicators
  • Promotion of scientific research into the medical, psychological, social and economic causes and consequences of diabetes
  • Facilitate the formation and development of diabetes associations
  • Promote and the implementation of the National Diabetes Programs
  • Influence national health and social and public policies to prevent the development of diabetes and its complications
  • Collaborate with related disciplines to enhance the lives of people with diabetes and those affected by diabetes

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