Diabetes in Sudan is a growing health problem. It does not discriminate and affects all social and economic levels and has left a huge impact on all society. Providing high quality services to diabetic patients is a fundamental health right. Unfortunately, lack of financial resources to equip patients with long term treatment has led to the development of complications confined to disease, leading to an increase in diabetes related morbidity and mortality. 

Professionals working in the field of social sciences and medicine have established a system aimed for the improvement of quality health care services in Sudan launch projects for. This was done through an organization named Diabetes Promotion and Programs Organization (DPPO)


To establish high quality Community Health Services to cover all of Sudan


Provision of qualified health cadres to ensure quality health care on a community level at an international standard.

The organization works to develop and improve the general level of health by providing community health services and building the capacity of health cadre throughout Sudan to create easier access to health care.


to strengthen the capacity of health care system in the field of diabetes through execution of programs to ensure equal access of efficient and competent health care services to all diabetic patients in Sudan.

Provision of efficient vocational and technical training targeting sisters and nurses

Improving the performance and capacity of Civil Society Organizations and those working within the field of diabetes.


1)      Upgrading the healthcare quality of diabetics in the sector of primary health care and advocating visits to hospitals & diabetic clinics and health centre’s.

2)      Organization of Capacity building programs and trainings amongst health cadres with focus on public awareness

3)      Development of partnerships through all sectors and those within the field of diabetic care

4)      Reinforcement and Support of existing diabetic organizations in Sudan




Completion of a four year higher diploma for one hundred diabetic educators. 25 health cadres, divided into four batches where enrolled in a 9 month diploma equipping them with skills needed to screen and council diabetic patients provide community awareness on diabetes amongst many others. This diploma also qualifies them to form a mini diabetic clinic with one other clinician. These mini clinics are distributed amongst 100 different health centers around Sudan.

Many workshops and training have been conducted for medical specialists and general practitioners by the state ministry of health and Ahfad University for Women with the support of WDF

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