Diabetes Care Organization (DCO)


The Diabetes Care Organization is one of the voluntary non-profit organizations under the Sudan Diabetes Federation which aims in leading the provision of Diabetic Health Care services to communities all over Sudan. It was established in October 2010 and since it birth has branched further into 12 different association in many areas of Sudan including Atbara, Obeid, Sinar,Dongala, PortSudan, Wad Madani,North Kordofan, Ginena, Alfashir, Gadarif, Kassala .

There are CBOs established by these twelve associations in different states


To support the initiation and development of diabetic associations and their community based organizations and to ensure their supervision at a technical level

Organization Objectives

  1. Support Primary Health Care centers and raise awareness on prevention and cure of Diabetes
  2. Strengthening Community Participation in the prevention and cure of diabetes
  3. Establish coordination mechanisms and a collaboration framework with neighboring clinics and research institutes
  4. Building capacities of the stakeholders involved in the diabetes programs
  5. Raising financial and technical funds from Nationals outside of Sudan
  6. Strengthening Governmental Partnerships to engage in Programs related to Diabetes
  7. Establishment of Specialized Diabetic Clinics, research and training institutions, information and communication centers for promotion of diabetes programs in Sudan

DCO Activities

  • Reinforcement and support of Diabetic Mini Clinics at the Health Centers
  • Capacity Development of Diabetic Educators and Physicians at the level of the Primary Health Care Unit
  • Support of  Diabetic Educators Union
  • Raising awareness amongst the community on the dangers and complications of Diabetes through Community Based Organizations and Health Awareness Campaigns. This includes Health Days offering free Medical treatment at the level of State Primary Health Care Centers and raising awareness through media to stress the importance of the role of Primary Health Care units in Diabetes prevention and cure.
  • Participation in the International Diabetes Day in December 2016





Future Activities

  • Establishing further Diabetic Associations and Community Based Organizations all over Sudan
  • Launching Diabetic Retinopathy Project in Khartoum State
  • To support the initiative of young volunteers on Diabetes awareness and prevention in Universities and diabetic clinics
  • Coordination of Workshops and training for capacity development of Diabetes Health Care Providers



  • A Diabetes Mini Clinic has been formed within TB service centers in Eastern Sudan; Kassala, PortSudan and Gadarif.
  • 14 Unions and 34 CBO’s (Diabetes friends associations) have been established all over Sudan.
  • Health Awareness days have been executed in a number of Sudan states including Khartoum, PortSudan,Haya, Sawakin, Tokor, Kassala, Hamishkoreb, Algaderf and Elshok.
  • A household screening survey has been conducted in Wad Madani covering 6150 diabetic patients, from January 2014 to December 2015.
  • A Diabetic Educators Union has been formed.

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